santa and elf christmas costumes
Picnic, Beans, Taffy and Snickers

All four wearing their Christmas costumes!! We took them for a joyful walk around the block all dressed up. Picnic is a cavoodle x cocker spaniel, Beans is a cavoodle, Taffy is a cavoodle x spaniel and Snickers is a purebred cocker spaniel.


Harley my poodle dressed as Santa, everyone loved it.

Santa costume

This is Isabella and she is a Maltese. She loves dress up. Yeah nah 😂

santa photos

Penny loves dressing up for all occasions. Royal Weddings, Christmas tree photos. Photo’s with Santa. Halloween, Birthdays. Penny is a Miniature fox terrier.

santa dog outfit

Zeuss! My English purebred staffy! Dressed for his Christmas presents! 🎁 🐶

reindeer costumes
Roxy, Froggy & Sarah

My mum made the outfits for my dogs obedience club Christmas party.
I then made personalised Christmas cards for friends & family.
Roxy & Sarah are sisters & are Mastiff X.
Froggy in the middle is a Boxer.

elf costume

Got this cute elf costume for him for Christmas Day so he could celebrate too 😊 my friends and family thought it was hilarious… it didn’t bother him

Christmas outfit

Rupert a pug. Here he is in his Christmas outfit.
We bought it from Kmart. Family & friends thought it was funny & cute but Rupert didn’t.

santa costume

My Keeshond, “Chewbacca” really wasn’t a fan of dressing up for Christmas. But it did make us all have a good laugh. His costume was a little big.