Dogs Name: Cheif
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Cheif hes an english Staffy dressed as a reindeer last christmas eating his present. Usually he hates costumes! I think its it’s hilarious! đŸ˜‚

reindeer antlers
Dogs Name: Buster
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

This is my parent’s mixed breed Buster wearing the reindeer antlers I got him for Christmas – he only kept them on long enough to take this photo before he shook them off and tried to eat them

reindeer costumes
Dogs Name: Roxy, Froggy & Sarah
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

My mum made the outfits for my dogs obedience club Christmas party.
I then made personalised Christmas cards for friends & family.
Roxy & Sarah are sisters & are Mastiff X.
Froggy in the middle is a Boxer.

xmas reindeer costume
Dogs Name: Diesel
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

My boy Diesel.
Staffy X Mastiff.
He loves anything fun. Is only a reindeer at xmas and at home.
His image needs protecting so no public outings in his reindeer costume lol.