Is Your Dog Dapper Enough?

Welcome to Mr Dapper Dog. We have a huge collection of the cutest dogs wearing costumes.


game of thrones
Dogs Name: Eddie
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Our blue American Staffy Eddie is 4 years old and love game of thrones lol


chrissy outfits
Dogs Name: Jaws & Mya
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Jaws and mya, breed unknown and maltese x shih tzu, no they dont like their costumes.

frog costume
Dogs Name: Sophie
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

😂  My little Sophie when she was a puppy!

bow tie
Dogs Name: Max
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

This is Max
He’s a Poodle cross Lhasa Appso.
Not so much a costume but he’s a refined gentleman so thought the bow tie fit his personality.

Beee outfit
Dogs Name: Sherry
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

My 8yr old chihuahua Sherry. I can't remember where I got her costume but she is not impressed as she's not a fan of doggy outfits haha.

Ginger bread man
Dogs Name: Carly & Zoe
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Mom Carly & daughter Zoe @ Christmas, Curly Coates Retrievers, they tolerate them 😆

grey and pink tutu
Dogs Name: Bessie
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Bessie the bullarab/wolfhound puppy 3mths old dressed in her tutu dress...she was not impressed with the choice of clothing today!! We thought she looked lovely 😊 This is one of many costumes/outfits we have for our fur babies..
As my 2 children Sophie and Thomas aged 5 and 3 loves playing dress ups they wanted to make the puppies sparkly with glitter eye shadow 🤦🏼‍♀️ so this is why we decided to purchase this little tutu dress as well as some other costumes for our fur babies as Bessie and Lilly usually likes being dressed up and running around the backyard playing with the kids.

Sparkling princess skirt
Dogs Name: Ali
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Rip beautiful girl. She was an american staffy and loved dressing up in her sparkling skirt like a princess.

Cowboy Sheriff Cutie
Dogs Name: Larry @larrythefluff
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Larry is a poodle mix 🙂 I got this for Halloween 2018. He wears it around the house, trick or treating, and to the park. Yes, it does fit really well. This is a size large. Larry doesn't really like the hat but he's a good boy so he tolerates it for a few minutes. My family and friends are so obsessed with his cowboy look!

Captain Cute
Dogs Name: Teddy.the.Shihpoo
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Shihpoo (Shihtzu & Mini Poodle). Purchased on Amazon. Really comfortable & fit great.

Veterinarian uniform
Dogs Name: Moon
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

This is Moon he is a 5 year old ShihTzu.
Moon works at Warwick vet hospital in Perth, where he is our client liaison officer. He absolutely loves all the attention he gets at work and he especially loves all the animals. He gets so excited every morning to go to work. I’ll post a few more pics of the job he does.

Doing some work on the microscope.

Ready to perform an operation.

In the delivery room after births.

royal regalia
Dogs Name: George
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

This is George, my 2 year old King Charles Spaniel, modelling his royal regalia at the King Charles Spaniel Club of Victoria’s Championship Show on Sunday 10 June 2018. The club’s motto is “Long Live The Kings”, so I thought this costume would be fitting for George to wear during the awards presentation part of the show. He was a bit hesitant at first, but when he realized that he was attracting an enormous amount of attention, he decided it wasn’t such a bad thing after all! 😉 The costume fits him beautifully and everyone at the show loved it!


guitar dog costume
Dogs Name: Max
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Max is such a funny dog. He does weird face expressions while wearing his costume. It is the most funniest thing I have ever seen. When he smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Dinosaur suit
Dogs Name: Georgie
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Georgie our Jack Russell likes her Dinosaur suit. This time of year it keeps her warm too. She wears an outfit every morning during walks. This one gets the most looks. Its a wee big in this pic but the drier shrunk it a bit thankfully.


panda costume
Dogs Name: Rocky
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

He‘s name is Rocky and I bought the Panda costume to keep him warm.

black coat
Dogs Name: Wally
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

My name is Wally and I’m a pug. I love wearing my new coat when it’s cold!! It fits great and is very warm and cosy. My moms sister bought it for me from Kmart

security system top
Dogs Name: Indee
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Indee is our security system. She has lots of different clothes!

Christmas outfit
Dogs Name: Stella
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Stella is a 9yo toy poodle. This Christmas outfit was given to her and she wears it, under sufferance, at Christmas time. She’s not keen on it but all our family and friends like it.

Pumpkin Outfit with Headpiece
Dogs Name: Winston Patton
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Winston is a french bulldog, we got the costume off of Chewy and he wore it to a Halloween party last year! It did fit well, the headpiece did not stay on as well as I had hoped, but that's okay! Was a hit with friends and family. Follow him @winston_patton

dinosaur costume
Dogs Name: Elmo
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Here is a photo I took of Elmo wearing his little dinosaur costume. I bought it from amazon just before christmas as a present for him. He looks like a teddybear wearing it and I got the most likes I have ever received for a post on Facebook when I posted this photo of him.