Is Your Dog Dapper Enough?

Welcome to Mr Dapper Dog. We have a huge collection of the cutest dogs wearing costumes.


pokomon outfit

This is my Bella, in a pokomon outfit, it did fit her perfectly.. my mum got it for her.. she wasn't a fan lol



Henry my wee yorkie. He is my Therapy Assistance dog ....he had his tux on as we were going to a musical concert together ...


Harley my Poodle dressed as an Elf.

Christmas outfit

Stella is a 9yo toy poodle. This Christmas outfit was given to her and she wears it, under sufferance, at Christmas time. She’s not keen on it but all our family and friends like it.


This is Phoenix the 4year old border collie all dressed up to join his sisters for the rspca million paws walk last month.

crab costume

How cute does Bella look in her crab outfit? All my friends love it when I post photos of her wearing it. It was a gift from a friend.

A Merry Christmas outfit
Nip nip

English staffy mix. He wears his outfit at Christmas to make it a Merry Christmas. And yes my family loves it, it makes their day.

Ginger bread man
Carly & Zoe

Mom Carly & daughter Zoe @ Christmas, Curly Coates Retrievers, they tolerate them 😆


Harley my poodle dressed as Santa, everyone loved it.

chicken costume

Nelson is a Boerboel (South African Mastiff). Just bought the costume cause I thought he would look cute as a chicken. Was lucky enough to grab this shot before he tried ripping it off.


Henri is an 11 year old bichon frise. I made this tuxedo for him to wear during the Royal Wedding. It fits well. He likes wearing it. Of course my family and friends like it 🐶 🤣 (and think I'm mad!)


Brutus looks so retarded in his walrus getup. His eyes are saying "why did you do this to me" 🙂  He wasn't too happy wearing it so we didn't have it on for too long.

Lion Mane Costume

Maggie is always a standout at halloween time. She loves looking like a big scary lion. Some people even get a fright in the street when they first see her. Ordered from a local shop. Everyone thinks its so funny.

Beee outfit

My 8yr old chihuahua Sherry. I can't remember where I got her costume but she is not impressed as she's not a fan of doggy outfits haha.

Bae in her personalized dog collar enjoying some sun!
Bailey or "Bae"

Bae is a Shih Tzu, and we bought her the collar to make her look her best and to support animals in need. It fits great and is very comfortable for her. We've had tons of friends and dog owners ask us where to get the collar!

wedding tuxedo with bowtie

Here is Jake. My best friend. He was the best man at my wedding wearing his tux.

black tuxedo

cause he is so cute

bow tie

This is Max
He’s a Poodle cross Lhasa Appso.
Not so much a costume but he’s a refined gentleman so thought the bow tie fit his personality.

Cow costume

French bulldog / it was a gift / everybody thinks Gypsy looks ridiculous in it! So yes... We love it!

Pumpkin Outfit with Headpiece
Winston Patton

Winston is a french bulldog, we got the costume off of Chewy and he wore it to a Halloween party last year! It did fit well, the headpiece did not stay on as well as I had hoped, but that's okay! Was a hit with friends and family. Follow him @winston_patton