Is Your Dog Dapper Enough?

Welcome to Mr Dapper Dog. We have a huge collection of the cutest dogs wearing costumes.


bunny ears and easter bunnys helper tutu dress

Her names sativa and shes a staffy x. She loves getting into the Easter spirit in her bunny ears and Easter bunny's helper tutu dress! Absolutely loves being dressed up for Easter, Christmas and Halloween.


Crows AFL supporter

Enya is a Border Collie. We bought it as Crows a Supporter. She wears it on cold days. Enya loves it and so do friends and family.

black tuxedo

cause he is so cute

Denim biker jacket

French bulldog, got it from KMart. Shows off his guns

reindeer antlers

This is my parent’s mixed breed Buster wearing the reindeer antlers I got him for Christmas - he only kept them on long enough to take this photo before he shook them off and tried to eat them

Pumpkin Outfit with Headpiece
Winston Patton

Winston is a french bulldog, we got the costume off of Chewy and he wore it to a Halloween party last year! It did fit well, the headpiece did not stay on as well as I had hoped, but that's okay! Was a hit with friends and family. Follow him @winston_patton

baby shark costume

His name is jaws, so he's got his shark costume, no he does not like it. And his breed could be anything.

NSW state of origin

My name is pugzly. I’m a pug. I brought this to support NSW !! I am currently too fat to wear this any longer but it was very comfortable it is from best and less  😘  my family love it.

santa costume

My Keeshond, “Chewbacca” really wasn’t a fan of dressing up for Christmas. But it did make us all have a good laugh. His costume was a little big.

australia scarf

Boomer the Socceroo supporter. Boomer is from the RSPCA and we think he is Border Collie x Smithfield. He loves his coats as he is a farm dog in Tasmania and it can be cold in Winter. He won this scarf at the local pub and is very proud to support any Aussie sports. He thinks he looks fabulous and so do we.

princess sparkles dress

Hi I'm Abbie, a 3 year old Maltese x shihtzu from the sunshine coast, qld. Would you believe I have an outfit for every occasion, this is me on mother's day visiting my Nanna at the nursing home. Then we went to the beach for a puppychino. I love wearing my outfits especially when it's cold, my pj's keep me nice and warm. I get lots of pats and cuddles wherever we go and I love putting smiles on the faces of the dementia word every Sunday.

sunday dresses
Harper & Marley

They are mini dachshunds 😀 we bought their outfits for special occasions and no they don't like dressing up 😀 some family members think it's a little weird but they look soooo cute 🐶🐾💕

bow tie

This is Max
He’s a Poodle cross Lhasa Appso.
Not so much a costume but he’s a refined gentleman so thought the bow tie fit his personality.

Essendon Bombers top

Our baby Rollo is an American Bulldog and here he is in his Essendon Bombers top. He wears this everywhere mainly at night though when it’s cold.


wonder woman

This is 6 year old Zoe the border collie making sure her butt doesn’t look too big in her outfit from costume box. She joined her brother and sister in the rspca million paws walk and won second prize for fancy dress.

hotdog dog

My Sophie my little hotdog.


Bella our Japanese spitz dressed as an Elf for Christmas



Harley my poodle dressed as Santa, everyone loved it.

Angel outfit

Elke is a fun loving Labrador/Golden Retriever cross. Her outfit is an angel like her. I purchased it from Choice for $4.00 as she loves dressing up. It’s all a game for her and her costumes put smiles on my friends faces. Elke is a funny character who I adore with all my heart 💞🐾

party animal

This is my daughters little chihuahua, Albert, he became a dad 4 weeks ago and he’s celebrating his 1st birthday today. As the pic shows he’s not to impressed, I think he feels embarrassed. He celebrated his 1st birthday with his children and his human family. He could not wait to disrobe from his party clothes.