Is Your Dog Dapper Enough?

Welcome to Mr Dapper Dog. We have a huge collection of the cutest dogs wearing costumes.


bunny ears and easter bunnys helper tutu dress

Her names sativa and shes a staffy x. She loves getting into the Easter spirit in her bunny ears and Easter bunny's helper tutu dress! Absolutely loves being dressed up for Easter, Christmas and Halloween.


bow tie

This is Max
He’s a Poodle cross Lhasa Appso.
Not so much a costume but he’s a refined gentleman so thought the bow tie fit his personality.

Look mommy I'm a hot dog!

Sydney is a 6 month old white American bulldog mixed with a boxer. I got her hot dog costume in a size large at target, and she wears it on Halloween and at church BBQ's. Everyone loves seeing her in it.

happy birthday hat

Bindi the American Staffordshire terrier. She was wearing this hat to help me celebrate my birthday and for a few laughs. She wore this on our weekend away at my parents house and for her walks. My parents and partner loved it her not so much.

Winter Jacket

Italian Greyhound
Wear it out , fits well,Eligha loves it, family and friends love it.

Cow costume

French bulldog / it was a gift / everybody thinks Gypsy looks ridiculous in it! So yes... We love it!

party animal

This is my daughters little chihuahua, Albert, he became a dad 4 weeks ago and he’s celebrating his 1st birthday today. As the pic shows he’s not to impressed, I think he feels embarrassed. He celebrated his 1st birthday with his children and his human family. He could not wait to disrobe from his party clothes.

NSW state of origin

My name is pugzly. I’m a pug. I brought this to support NSW !! I am currently too fat to wear this any longer but it was very comfortable it is from best and less  😘  my family love it.

black tuxedo

cause he is so cute

Wedding costume

Bundy dog (fox terrier /jack russell) all dressed up to be in a friends wedding.


Cheif hes an english Staffy dressed as a reindeer last christmas eating his present. Usually he hates costumes! I think its it's hilarious! 😂

Easter bunny

Milo is a Labrador x. I bought the costume for milos first Easter. He wore it to my family members house. It was a bit small for him by the time he got to where it! He now as a collection of costumes such as a shark, spider and a reindeer. My friends and family think his costumes suit his crazy personality.

reindeer costumes
Roxy, Froggy & Sarah

My mum made the outfits for my dogs obedience club Christmas party.
I then made personalised Christmas cards for friends & family.
Roxy & Sarah are sisters & are Mastiff X.
Froggy in the middle is a Boxer.

Bear the bumbledog 🐝🐾

Bear the Blue Staffy already featured as aka Bumbledog.

My name is Bear and my mum makes me wear this bumblebee outfit, I'm not too keen on it but I love snuggle couch days with my mum, so I guess it's worth it!

Dog life 🐶🐾💙


Pine is a pitbull/ boxer mix. We bought the costume because we knew he would look so cute in it. Pine likes wearing jackets and sweaters, so he does like the costume. Friends and family love the banana costume.


Henri is an 11 year old bichon frise. I made this tuxedo for him to wear during the Royal Wedding. It fits well. He likes wearing it. Of course my family and friends like it 🐶 🤣 (and think I'm mad!)

pokomon outfit

This is my Bella, in a pokomon outfit, it did fit her perfectly.. my mum got it for her.. she wasn't a fan lol


Crows AFL supporter

Enya is a Border Collie. We bought it as Crows a Supporter. She wears it on cold days. Enya loves it and so do friends and family.

A Bow tie

Terrier mix, Bow tie, Zara Man,

chrissy outfits
Jaws & Mya

Jaws and mya, breed unknown and maltese x shih tzu, no they dont like their costumes.