Is Your Dog Dapper Enough?

Welcome to Mr Dapper Dog. We have a huge collection of the cutest dogs wearing costumes.


Newsboy cap, shirt, vest tie. Old fashioned gentleman
Dogs Name: Rocker
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Purchase on Amazon… He wore it for a photo shoot. We love it and got a lot of compliments on it. Rocker is a one and a half-year-old French bulldog.

Dogs Name: Brutus
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Brutus looks so retarded in his walrus getup. His eyes are saying "why did you do this to me" 🙂  He wasn't too happy wearing it so we didn't have it on for too long.

princess sparkles dress
Dogs Name: Abbie
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Hi I'm Abbie, a 3 year old Maltese x shihtzu from the sunshine coast, qld. Would you believe I have an outfit for every occasion, this is me on mother's day visiting my Nanna at the nursing home. Then we went to the beach for a puppychino. I love wearing my outfits especially when it's cold, my pj's keep me nice and warm. I get lots of pats and cuddles wherever we go and I love putting smiles on the faces of the dementia word every Sunday.

elf costume
Dogs Name: Kevin
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Kevin the staffy with his Christmas elf. He hated it. Kept running to get it off. 😵. We loved it

Harry Potter Costume
Dogs Name: Storm
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Storm modelling his Harry Potter scarf and glasses. It took us ages to even get a picture of him because we were laughing so much and when we would stop he would try and shake the glasses off. We had to do some positive reinforcement with treats to train him to be still. It worked eventually 🙂

Crows AFL supporter
Dogs Name: Enya
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Enya is a Border Collie. We bought it as Crows a Supporter. She wears it on cold days. Enya loves it and so do friends and family.

frog costume
Dogs Name: Sophie
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

😂  My little Sophie when she was a puppy!

Pointless old man and unicorn outfit
Dogs Name: Diesel & daisy
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Diesel & Daisy
Dad & Daughter.
English Staffy
Pointless Old man & Unicorn outfit bought after their mate/mum Ruby had to be suddenly put to sleep 😭😭🐕

Captain Cute
Dogs Name: Teddy.the.Shihpoo
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Shihpoo (Shihtzu & Mini Poodle). Purchased on Amazon. Really comfortable & fit great.

Ginger bread man
Dogs Name: Carly & Zoe
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Mom Carly & daughter Zoe @ Christmas, Curly Coates Retrievers, they tolerate them 😆

Dogs Name: Cheif
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Cheif hes an english Staffy dressed as a reindeer last christmas eating his present. Usually he hates costumes! I think its it's hilarious! 😂

Christmas outfit
Dogs Name: Stella
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Stella is a 9yo toy poodle. This Christmas outfit was given to her and she wears it, under sufferance, at Christmas time. She’s not keen on it but all our family and friends like it.

santa photos
Dogs Name: Penny
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Penny loves dressing up for all occasions. Royal Weddings, Christmas tree photos. Photo’s with Santa. Halloween, Birthdays. Penny is a Miniature fox terrier.

santa dog outfit
Dogs Name: Zeuss
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Zeuss! My English purebred staffy! Dressed for his Christmas presents! 🎁 🐶

santa costume
Dogs Name: Chewbacca
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

My Keeshond, “Chewbacca” really wasn’t a fan of dressing up for Christmas. But it did make us all have a good laugh. His costume was a little big.

bunny ears and easter bunnys helper tutu dress
Dogs Name: Sativa
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Her names sativa and shes a staffy x. She loves getting into the Easter spirit in her bunny ears and Easter bunny's helper tutu dress! Absolutely loves being dressed up for Easter, Christmas and Halloween.


game of thrones
Dogs Name: Eddie
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Our blue American Staffy Eddie is 4 years old and love game of thrones lol


Dogs Name: Pine
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Pine is a pitbull/ boxer mix. We bought the costume because we knew he would look so cute in it. Pine likes wearing jackets and sweaters, so he does like the costume. Friends and family love the banana costume.

Santa costume
Dogs Name: Isabella
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

This is Isabella and she is a Maltese. She loves dress up. Yeah nah 😂

Dogs Name: Dexter
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Dexter. Jack Russell Cross. He is wearing a Frisbee so he could be as pretty as a flower... Hahahah. 🤣🤣