Is Your Dog Dapper Enough?

Welcome to Mr Dapper Dog. We have a huge collection of the cutest dogs wearing costumes.


Santa costume
Dogs Name: Isabella
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

This is Isabella and she is a Maltese. She loves dress up. Yeah nah πŸ˜‚

mexican taco
Dogs Name: Sophie
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Sophie looks so cute I could eat her hehe. Taco dog costume was bought on the net on some site. She is a silky terrier and almost 6 years old. I will need to get her a new costume for her birthday party coming up soon πŸ™‚

santa and elf christmas costumes
Dogs Name: Picnic, Beans, Taffy and Snickers
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

All four wearing their Christmas costumes!! We took them for a joyful walk around the block all dressed up. Picnic is a cavoodle x cocker spaniel, Beans is a cavoodle, Taffy is a cavoodle x spaniel and Snickers is a purebred cocker spaniel.

knitted beanie
Dogs Name: Rosie
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Rosie is a Shih Tzu and we bought this cute pink knitted beanie for her because we thought it was cute. She wears when it is cold which is right now in Australia.

A Merry Christmas outfit
Dogs Name: Nip nip
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

English staffy mix. He wears his outfit at Christmas to make it a Merry Christmas. And yes my family loves it, it makes their day.

Easter bunny
Dogs Name: Milo
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Milo is a Labrador x. I bought the costume for milos first Easter. He wore it to my family members house. It was a bit small for him by the time he got to where it! He now as a collection of costumes such as a shark, spider and a reindeer. My friends and family think his costumes suit his crazy personality.

guitar dog costume
Dogs Name: Max
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Max is such a funny dog. He does weird face expressions while wearing his costume. It is the most funniest thing I have ever seen. When he smiles πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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bumblebee costume
Dogs Name: Bear
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Bear the Blue staffy aka Bumbledog 🐾🐢 Bear is not very fond of his bumblebee costume. His mum thinks he is just the cutest wearing it though, his dad wont allow him to wear it out of the house when we go for his walks (not sure why🀣) Bears mum buys his clothes from Kmart and loves to check out all the new stock available... how lucky is Bear 🐢 πŸ’™


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Dogs Name: Grace
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

This is grace and she is a Skye terrier pretending to be rudolf!

panda costume
Dogs Name: peanut
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

This is Peanut wearing her little Panda costume. She wears it at home. It fits her pretty well but she tries to chew it. We all think she is cute but I don’t think she is very impressed. Lol

baby shark costume
Dogs Name: Jaws
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

His name is jaws, so he's got his shark costume, no he does not like it. And his breed could be anything.

elf costume
Dogs Name: Pugslee
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Got this cute elf costume for him for Christmas Day so he could celebrate too 😊 my friends and family thought it was hilarious... it didn't bother him

chrissy outfits
Dogs Name: Jaws & Mya
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Jaws and mya, breed unknown and maltese x shih tzu, no they dont like their costumes.

easter bunny ears
Dogs Name: Hannah
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

My cute bunny Hannah at Easter

Dogs Name: Henry
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Henry my wee yorkie. He is my Therapy Assistance dog ....he had his tux on as we were going to a musical concert together ...

Captain Cute
Dogs Name: Teddy.the.Shihpoo
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Shihpoo (Shihtzu & Mini Poodle). Purchased on Amazon. Really comfortable & fit great.

school uniform jumper
Dogs Name: Pauly
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Our boy loves being apart of everything. He’s too big for dog jumpers so each winter we give him one of ours, last year’s school uniform!

chicken costume
Dogs Name: Nelson
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Nelson is a Boerboel (South African Mastiff). Just bought the costume cause I thought he would look cute as a chicken. Was lucky enough to grab this shot before he tried ripping it off.

Cowboy Sheriff Cutie
Dogs Name: Larry @larrythefluff
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Larry is a poodle mix πŸ™‚ I got this for Halloween 2018. He wears it around the house, trick or treating, and to the park. Yes, it does fit really well. This is a size large. Larry doesn't really like the hat but he's a good boy so he tolerates it for a few minutes. My family and friends are so obsessed with his cowboy look!

Dogs Name: Henri
Why Does Your Dog Look Dapper:

Henri is an 11 year old bichon frise. I made this tuxedo for him to wear during the Royal Wedding. It fits well. He likes wearing it. Of course my family and friends like it 🐢 🀣 (and think I'm mad!)